How to Clean Stubborn Stains When Moving Out


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Navigating the departure from a rented property comes with its set of challenges, especially when faced with stubborn stains, mould, and unpleasant odours. The anxiety before the final inspection, where landlords often withhold part of the bond money due to cleanliness issues, adds an extra layer of stress. But how do you deal with those problems and secure your deposit back?

Assemble Your Arsenal of Cleaning Weapons

If you’re on a mission to vanquish stubborn stains and spills from your rented abode, then you should be equipped with a cleaning arsenal. The tools and supplies you’ll need include:

  • Scrubbing pad – A reliable ally in tackling grime and persistent stains.
  • Magic eraser – The secret weapon for effortlessly banishing scuffs and marks.
  • Microfiber cloth – A versatile tool for a streak-free shine on various surfaces.
  • Brushes – Different brushes for different surfaces, guaranteeing no nook or cranny is left untouched.
  • White vinegar – A powerhouse for natural and effective cleaning, particularly on glass and hard surfaces.
  • Essential oils – Not just for aromatherapy – certain oils have antibacterial and antifungal properties, elevating your cleaning game.
  • Baking soda – The multi-tasker that deodorises, scrubs, and whitens surfaces with ease.
  • Dishwashing liquid – An essential for cutting through grease and grime.
  • Warm water – The indispensable component that enhances the cleaning power of your concoctions.

Removing Stains Step-By-Step

Stubborn stains should be dealt with precision and patience. Especially if you have an impending rental inspection. With the right steps, you can achieve immaculate results. Here’s how to do it:

Identify the stain – Recognise the stain – be it grease, pet urine, ink, mould, mildew, or wine. Each stain calls for a tailored cleaning approach for optimal results.

Act fast – Deal with spills and splatters as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll have to scrub twice as hard later. Swift action often minimises the effort required to remove a stain.

Do a patch test – Before you pour any cleaning detergents over a stain, do a patch test in a spot that’s not easy to notice. This precautionary step helps you gauge how the solution reacts with the specific surface. It will also help you avoid ruining the whole carpet, upholstered furniture, or wherever the spot is, and losing your deposit.

Time to clean – When you’re done with the patch test and confirm that there’s no damage to the surface, you’re good to go. If you’ve already identified the type of stain, you’ll know which detergent to use. Apply the cleaning agent and wait a few minutes.

The right technique is key – Use the correct technique based on the surface and stain type. Whether it’s gentle blotting or a subtle scrubbing, tailor your approach to guarantee effective stain removal without causing damage.

Rinse and repeat – After the initial treatment, rinse the area and check if the stain is gone. In some cases, you’ll have to do the whole process twice or even a third time. Just be patient and diligent, and you’ll remove those pesky stains sooner or later.

Tackling Different Stubborn Stains

You can’t handle all stains and spills the same way. Especially if they are stubborn and won’t go away with simple blotting or wiping. Here’s how to handle such stains without undermining your final rental inspection when moving out.

Oil and Grease Stains

Tackling these sticky foes involves a mix of baking soda and cornstarch paste. Apply, wait a bit, and blot away. The same magical potion brings a shine to hard surfaces, making them sparkle like never before.

Blood Stains

Now, no one’s saying there’s been a blood bath in your rental, but accidents do happen, and sometimes even a simple cut can lead to splatters. In such cases, cold water and a paste of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide work wonders. Gentle scrubbing transforms hard surfaces back to pristine conditions.

Pet Stains

Our furry friends sometimes leave their mark but fear not. Blot the stain, apply vinegar and warm, soapy water mix, and watch the magic unfold. Magic erasers are your pals for the hard surfaces, ensuring a pet-friendly clean.

Coffee Stains

Carpets suffering from coffee mishaps? Dishwashing detergent and warm water come to the rescue. For granite or marble, a hydrogen peroxide and water mix wipes away coffee stains effortlessly.

Mould Stains

In the battle against mould, a trusty spray of vinegar and warm water takes centre stage. A little waiting, a bit of scrubbing, and your bathroom tiles and grout lines will be thanking you.

Toilet Bowl Stains

Say farewell to those stubborn toilet bowl stains using the classic combo of baking soda and vinegar. A fizz, a scrub, and a flush – and your toilet is left gleaming.

Get Rid of Bad Odours

Once you’re done with the pesky stains, it’s time to freshen up the place before you can call the landlord for an inspection. Some smells tend to linger longer than wanted, but there are some down-to-part, natural tricks you can use.

Open Windows and Doors

That’s a no-brainer move. Simple yet effective, invite the outdoors in by keeping those windows and doors wide open. Let the gentle breeze sweep away any lingering scents, offering a genuine freshness that no artificial fragrance can replicate.

Freshen Up Carpets with Baking Soda

The almighty baking soda a natural magician for banishing odours. Sprinkle it generously on carpets, let it sit for a night, and wake up to a carpet that not only looks rejuvenated but also smells delightfully fresh. Don’t forget to vacuum the baking soda, though.

Harness the Essence of Essential Oils

Dive into the aromatic world of essential oils – lavender, orange, lemon, tea tree – each with its deodorising charm. Blend your favourite essence with an all-purpose cleaning agent, creating a bespoke aroma that turns cleaning into a sensory experience.

Embrace the Power of Vinegar

Who would have thought vinegar could be a hero in the odour-banishing saga? White vinegar, with its versatile capabilities, not only tackles stains but also bids farewell to unwanted scents, making your cleaning routine a dual-purpose delight.

Pro Tip: Beyond just covering up smells, pinpoint the origin. Whether it’s the persistent trash can odour, carpet stains, or your pet’s corner, addressing the root cause ensures a consistently fresh atmosphere. Regular cleaning transforms into a protective shield against the lurking threats of germs and bacteria.

Hire Professionals

If you’re one to shy away from hectic tasks, then it’s better to call in the professionals for the end of tenancy cleaning. With the help of an expert, you don’t have to worry about your deposit or scrubbing stubborn stains. They’re wizards when it comes to cleaning every nook and cranny, leaving no dust bunny or grease stain in sight. Landlords even prefer it if you use professional services. The experts have plenty of experience and won’t damage anything, making sure everything is spotless.


Tackling stubborn stains and odours requires effort, but with the right tips and tricks, using all-natural cleaning products and quality tools, you can ensure the rented property is returned in a clean and fresh-smelling state. Whether opting for professional assistance or taking the DIY route, a spotless farewell awaits.

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