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The ceiling, a very significant element in interiors, which is usually blown to the wind with little attention paid to it when designing. Ceilings are considered to be the fifth wall of any room yet they can bring a big change in any environment. Over the years, design and patterns on ceilings have changed tremendously, and there are usually many new and exciting trends that are executed.

Coffered Ceilings:

Indirect lay down ceilings that have a sunken geometric pattern on the interconnecting framework have regained popularity in contemporary interiors. Using coffered acoustic ceiling tiles into your design not only helps with sound absorption but also adds a modern and functional element, particularly useful in-home offices and media rooms where noise reduction is crucial. Originating from the large noble mansions and large buildings of the past, coffered ceilings can provide almost any room with an early 20th century rich look. This gives off a three-dimensional look to the space, in terms of physical property and feel, making it look larger and attractive.

Exposed Beams:

Another popular type of ceiling is exposed beams that has become a more beloved pattern of design and construction. This design is characterized by exposure of the ceiling beams as a framework in most cases supported by woods to give a nature look. Housing exposed beams is possible in many forms with farmhouse and industrial being some of the styles in addition to modern and diverse. It not only adds beauty, but it also brings comfort in a room making it look cozy and lovable. Also, it is noted that the shades of the wooden material presented reflect a rich and natural hue that can easily be easily integrated into a number of color schemes.

Tray Ceilings:

Tray ceilings also referred to as recessed ceilings can be a highly effective design element to add the aspect of depth of space to any particular room. Among other elements of this design, there is a central panel that is at a higher level when compared to the outer edge, forming what may be referred to as a “tray.” Tray ceilings are perfect to get in many modifications concerning its material, color and even lighting that will fit the overall theme of the living space. Extra LED strip lighting or cove lighting installed at the perimeter of the sails and ceiling contributes to deepening the tray effect and giving off a gentle, ambient light.

Wooden Ceilings:

Ceilings incorporated from wood are trendy and enormously flexible that helps in giving a welcoming texture and an organic constituent to any environment. Tongue-and-groove planks or wooden panels can be installed directly onto the ceiling or the wall; today’s ceiling designs offer virtually unlimited possibilities. There is flexibility when it comes to coloring wooden ceiling in as much as it can be left raw or varnish, painted or stained. It looks good in minimalist and more classic styles of home decoration, proving to be a very effective background to other designs. Using wooden ceilings is more useful where the rooms are the living room, bedrooms or kitchen since they give the room a warm feeling.

Metallic Ceilings:

One of the new trends is the metallic ceilings – Here, attaching metallic structures, that give new look and become attractive addition of space. This design entails the use of metal tiles or paneling and painting finish to produce reflection and visibility to the ceiling. Such ceilings may be very shiny such as the stainless or aluminum or duller such as brushed bronze or copper. When considering metallic ceilings, it’s important to factor in the suspended ceiling cost, which can vary depending on the materials and complexity of the installation, but ultimately contributes to the sleek and contemporary look of your space. They are well suited to provide a contemporary industrial touch into the kitchen, bath space, and industrial zones too.

Ceilings always change and develop their trends that provides so many opportunities to make the interiors more interesting. The coffered ceiling with its classic look as well as the exposed beam ones that seems to have a more traditional look yet with an undeniable rustic feel to it than the contemporary feel of tray wooden and metallic ceilings each have their own benefit. So, including these top trending ceiling designs in your home will help you bring visual interest and warmth to the space, which will help you create a more beautiful and visually stunning environment.

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